The most demanding trail of Vrbo Bike Park.

Hardest, longest, most technical, most physically demanding, with the smallest building modifications.

For its completion you must be proficient biker. The route leads over roots, loose stones, it is full of technical sections and very interesting by its terrain. In the middle of the track there is a passage over a huge rock. There is a minimum of built jumps or waves. Natural riverbed and hunting paths were used for the trail. On the track you need to trample to climb several trips to the opposite slope.

It is necessary to pay attention to overcoming the short steeper elevation, on most places there are roots. These can be slippery when wet, and therefore it is necessary to have good cycling tires. Higher technical skills of a biker are assumed.

When crossing thebigger road it is possible to switch to two other trails.

At the bottom part of the track it continues in the same vein. Technically challenging foray into the trough is followed by smoother but still challenging stretch that leads us to exit from the trail toward the Vrbno Pradědem.

The brutality and difficulty of this track is its greatest benefit.

So follow the rules of operation and enjoy the trail.

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