Medium demanding trail of Vrbno Bike Park.

This trail is intended for more advanced riders, with caution it is suitable also for the less experienced. It needs to be all the time alert and a maximally focused.

The track undulates through the trees, across meadows and clearings. It's full of interesting passages. Right on top it starts with a series of turns where you can rely on your wheels. On the track the waves are interspersed with jumps. Those who don't dare to jump may easily ride the elements down, but it is necessary to bear in mind that the center of gravity must be behind the seat (rear behind seat ... ☺).

Approximately after 400 meters of the trail you can switch to more demanding NATURAL TRAIL. But MAMBA goes on. Turns alternate longer straighter line segments with waves and jumps between the trees to keep us in the second half in similar vein. The trail then leads out into the clearing where we will have to tread a little.

After crossing the contour path that will allow us to get to the bottom of other sections of the trail, we will go in long lines across the waves and jumps.

The trail is quite readable and we hope that you enjoy it. Don't forget to follow the rules and do not overestimate your strength. At first, ride the track with caution and try each element several times.

18.3 °C
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